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    I have a 600 on Sprint, and for the past few days, every time I send a SMS to someone (same carrier OR different) I get the stupid "network not responding" error message and it attempts to re-send every 60 secs or so. Problem with this is, the message is ALWAYS successfully sent the first time and thus the recipient gets the same SMS message from me multiple times until the treo finally gives up trying to send. Is this a Sprint problem, or a Treo problem?? It's becoming a problem because some of my friends do not have unlimited SMS, and every time I text them they get 6 of the same message. Any info you guys can share on this is greatly appreciated.
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    Yes, Sprint sucks !
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    So, you think it's Sprint's Network?
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    Topped for another try.
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    Update on this trouble -

    I called Sprint's tech support line and they had no idea why my T600 was doing what it was doing, so they "put in a ticket" to the tier 2 people to look at it. Well, a couple days later I got a text message from the support people telling me to call a toll-free number to receive a new software load, and if the software load did not resolve the problem to take the T600 into my local Sprint store for further diagnostics. So I called the number they gave me and it did some sort of software load to my phone, but did not fix the problem.

    Last Thursday I took my T600 to the Sprint store for the tech there to look at it. He had it over an hour, and "flashed" the software - whatever that means - and told me that it should be fixed now. Before I left the store I sent a couple of text messages to a friend to see if the problem was still happening, and it was. I got the same "Network not responding - message will be automatically resent" and the recipient got the message 8 times. I told the Sprint tech that it was not fixed and he ordered me a "new" phone.

    Yesterday, I went in to get the "new" phone which of course was a refurb. They activated the "new" phone and sent me on my way. The refurb phone had a completely dead battery so I let it charge in my car for a couple hours and went out to test it out to see if my problem was finally fixed. NOPE. New phone, no applications other than the default apps, and SAME PROBLEM.

    I went back to the store and told them the new phone didn't fix the problem and I was still getting the same error message and duplicate messages were being sent. I was told that "There is currently a problem with the network regarding SMS." They did not know when this problem would be fixed and told me to call customer service to get an idea of when the problem would be fixed. So I call customer service and get transferred to a tech support person. I asked them about the "outage" and am told that there is a network problem, but it involves caller-id and had nothing to do with MY problem. The tech didn't know what to do, so they put in a ticket AGAIN to tier 2 and told me that their response time would be 52 hours. So here we are, again waiting on tech support who will probably tell me the same thing as last time around. This is starting to pi$$ me off.

    Do you guys/gals thing that my issue would be solved with a 650? I am willing to upgrade, but Sprint will have to give me a heck of a deal on it. Any comments or suggestions??

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    dpalmer, since Thursday, 3/17/05 I've been getting a similar error message on the ATT (Cingular) network. I just got off the phone after working with them for an hour and they finally told me it was a hardware issue and gave me the Palmone tach support number. I called that number and after punching through their menu got a message that said if I bought my Treo over 90 days ago there would be a $25 charge for support! Screw that!!
    I'll bet mine's also just a network problem that they don't want to admit to!!

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