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    Just got a new Sprint Treo 650 through Amazon ($309), and I tried to get my old $10 unlimited Vision (from Treo 300) to carry over to my new phone. The catch is, I also moved, and wanted a new phone number. According to the rep, I had to have an entirely new plan to have a new phone number, including $15 Vision. So I said forget it, I'll go with Cingular, faster data rates anyway, and she said I could keep the $10 Vision if I kept the old phone number. In the end, she gave me a new phone number in my old area code (765, Indiana), and I kept my $10 Vision, but I really would prefer an area code to match my billing address/area code. I thought they made you change numbers when you move anyway. I figure I'll just call back in a day and try to change the number, anyone have a similar experience?
  2. #2 is littered with thread about this issue. They tell you its not possible to keep some d/c feature --but depending on the CSR you get you sometime can get what you want ie the code for it isnt on there screen/list but an expenced rep sometimes knows the codes for the feature and can get it done.

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    mho6, I had almost the exact same situation. This is what I did:

    1. I got the 650 and had them activate the phone with my phone number from the old location. My $10 vision plan went with it, no problem, as I was basically just doing a phone change.

    2. I waited about a month or two and then called to have them change the phone number to my new location. I was told that I'd need a new plan, as well. I told them I wanted to have everything just like I did before and they said they could do it - now, I haven't gotten my first bill on this plan...but I was told that yes, I got the $10 picture vision. I've called and confirmed it but the proof is in the pudding (bill). They were able to give me the $10 vision.

    Best of luck!
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    You can get vision for $5 a month IF the phone with it is the second phone on an account (family plan) or for $15 if it's the primary. Needless to say mine is now the "secondary phone".


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