Hello Treonauts !

I just bought a treo 600 from bell mobility (650 not available here in Canada !) and as soon as I opened the box I started playing with the network preferences.

I managed to create a virtual modem connection to my dialup ISP (10h free per month/Cable DSL) and everything is working fine...Email and web access without a glitch altough slow...but free

Well that's what I want to make sure of. I didn't subscribe to a data from bell mobility and want to know if they will charge me for the Virtual modem connection ? I tried to talk to several CSR and no one had a clue about what's a virtual modem and what's a CSD (circuit switch data).

Anyone here has an idea ??

P.S: I don't know if this worked because my old plan (that I kept) included an unlimited 5$ internet access (bell mobility) that is not working with the treo 600 but could help me access their CSD ???