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    Regarding Palm Desktop Address book imports -
    Is it possible to import a new piece of info to existing database?
    For example, I would like to add Account numbers to the existing database, can I import those somehow, or must I go to each template and add it in?
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    I'm not sure how you would import it over an existing database of the same numbers.

    Before you figure it out, you could update the database on the PC Palm software and resync your Visor.
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    Your terminology is confusing. Are you asking if you can import new records into an existing contact database, or, are you asking if you can alter an existing record by doing an import?

    What do you mean by template? Are you actually creating a template to manage importing?

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    Sorry about the confusion.
    I have a contact database in the Address book. I would like to modify the records by adding a new piece of information - in this case, each "contact"'s account number.
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    Your best bet is to export it to Excel or something, make your changes, and then import it again! You will probably have to delete the records you exported before you import them back again.
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    Export your address book it as a .csv file.

    Open that csv file in excel (or any spreadsheet program)

    cut and paste the account numbers until your heart is content.

    save as a .csv file

    Import that .csv file into your address book.

    these are very generalized instructions but as you go along you'll see how easy it is.

    should work.
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    Thanks for the clarification. Importing creates new records. You want to update existing records. I'm not sure of your exact situation, but you may want to investigate File Link. Depending on how you are getting the data you wish to import, you may be able to create a file link that will sync your address book. If the data in your source file changes then it will resync to your desktop.

    In other words, if this is an ongoing process to modify existing data from an external data source, then a File Link might work. If this is just a one-time fix to correct missing data, you're probably SOL. You'll need to delete your existing data and reimport with the additional field, or else just manually add the account number to each record in the Palm Desktop.
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    Thanks folks for the suggestions.
    I will investigate both options.

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