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    Sprint Treo 650 user here.... Last night I had my 650's usb cable connected to my pc for syncing, when I noticed the screen was "white and blank". It had "froze" on me and would not respond to any buttons. (red phone key or green phone key). I was baffled since I only had it for three days!!!!!! I had to perform a hard reset. After that, I was able to restore my backup via hotsync. Now after I get home from work, the damn thing will not sycn for anything!Anyone know why my 650 won't sync anymore? I will be returning this thing asap tomorrow after work. All help, opinions, and suggestions are appreciated greatly in advance.
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    *** Bump*** Nobody????????
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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBathGate
    *** Bump*** Nobody????????
    GODDAMMIT!!!! ANYONE???????????? Where are all the "so-called" EXPERTS AT?

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