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    Trying to get sorted out with my new 650 and have a couple of questions for which I can't find answers anywhere. Perhaps, one of you can help.

    1. I want to edit the number that is in my "Voicemail" favorite. Right now it is assigned to Key "1"; that's fine, but I want to add my voicemail "password" to the number. How do I get in to edit it? When I go to the menu "edit" it doesn't seem to allow changes. The number must be stored somewhere else, but I can find it;

    2. Can I set the default view to be a subset of contacts within all? Right now, if I push contacts, I get all. I have a subset I call "Treo" that contains far fewer numbers and is much easier to deal with. Can I change it so when I push "Contacts" I get "Treo" and not "All".

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    1> tap the "more" button on the edit favorites screen. Put a few commas (for pauses) and your password there, then check the "Dial extra digits automatically" box.

    2> in Contacts, open the menu and select Options / Preferences. Check "remember last category." Then select your Treo category. This isn't exactly what you want, but it should be close enough.

    BUT: Are you aware their is a much quicker way to find a number? Don't just scroll through the list. Start typing the name, ideally first initial of first name followed by the first couple of letters of the last name. This will drill down to the desired contact much more quickly than scrolling through the list. I have over 400 contacts, and can generally narrow the list to no more than 4 with 3 keypresses.

    3> RTFM. It's amazing how much you can learn.
    Bob Meyer
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    Thanks Bob,

    Here's the problem. There are already some pauses after the number, and then my code numbers. What's missing is the "*" before the code numbers -- so it won't dial them. I don't know where this number is stored. Is it on the sim which I just put into the phone? I certainly didn't program the Treo that way. So, what I need to do is find those numbers, take out all the stuff after the pauses and use the "Dial extra digits" box.

    I changed my contacts to remember last category but realize that that limits the search engine to those contacts. That will work for me now.

    Thanks for the great help!!!


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