Well I just downloaded the new DateBk4 program and I am hooked. Although I've only used it for about and hour and a half this is the app I've been looking for.

The biggest assest that I can see so far is the linking ability. I've tried linkdragon to link records with out success so this feature works great.

As a student I've been trying to find the best way to integrate datebook+ with my schedule, assignments, and possibly class notes. so being able to link much better between to do items (datebook+ was ok for this but really didn't integrate, it just displayed to do items on the days, memos, and phone numbers.

It is nice to be able to see a split screen when you need a phone number or whatever when in datebk4.

I'm definately going to play around with this much more. I have it for the free 45 day trial and will most definately pay the $25 or so for it, especially since some of that gets donated to a charity=> who say our gen x techsters don't care about charity!

There was a mention of a possible discount for visor users since we really have datebk3 running as default, so one mentioned june on this. will that apply for the whole datebk4 program or a handspring datebook+ version 2?