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    I loaded up Mapopolis. Great free program. I think it might be sucking down a lot of batter power. It seems like a noticable change in the indicator level after using the program for a while (3-5minutes). The level indicator does come back up a little, but it seems my half life batteries went fast in week when it took a month to get them to half. Does anyone think its the map software, or does battery life drop after half use?
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    Just wanted to put in another good word for Mapopolis. I sent them an email (filled out their survery on their site) and they wrote back within 24 hours and mentioned that they are working on a new version that will:

    1) Allow you to search for items by matching any part of the word (right now, it only matches the beginning of a word).

    2) inlude the addition of "bookmarks" allowing you to save your own items.

    Pretty cool!
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    Mapopolis is a great freebie, but I still prefer StreetFinder most of the time because of a couple of features:
    1) Links to your address book
    2) Has street numbers
    3) Better interface

    But I like Mapopolis because the maps are much smaller, and the county divisions work just fine for me here in the Bay Area. I'd like to see them add a Select/Zoom like StreetFinder, which lets you draw a selection box and then zooms to that area.
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    I asked them about the street numbers and they said that they felt that would simply make the database too large. I suggested that perhaps they just do "rough" addresses (ie the "600 block" etc...)

    Maybe if they get enough requests (hint, hint)
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