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    I'm new to this smartphone. I'm having an issue where an unacknowledged alarm seems to prevent the 650 from scheduled email checking.

    Then I got an incoming call. When I pulled the 650 out of an iPod case, the "alarm" dialog was on screen, and when I pressed the 5 way button to disable the Treo Keyguard app, Snappermail launched instead of the Phone app. I was confused, and turned it off. Snappermail had been set to check email once an hour, and had not checked it all day (since the alarm went off). My wife called back and said she could hear me messing with the phone, but obviously, I was unaware that there really was a call.

    Is there something I can do to prevent alarms from blocking other activities if they go unacknowledged?

    What is the advantage of purchasing aftermarket "keyguard" software? At first I thought I must have pushed a button, or the iPod case had pressed on a key, causing the phone to switch to email.

    I'm confused :confused:

    West Point, VA
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    First off, nothing blocked the call. The fact that your wife could hear you meant the call was connected. I just did a test. I set an alarm, and after it went off (and remained unacknowleged) I called my phone. It rang, I was able to answer by hitting the green phone button (or the answer button on screen). I also don't use the built-in keyguard, but I think even with keyguard activated the green phone button will answer the phone, so you don't have to hit the center button.

    I don't have snappermail set to auto-fetch. I don't snappermail deciding to tie up the connection with a data connection when I'm waiting for an important call. It only takes a minute or two to check it manually.

    The built in keyguard is a joke. It doesn't block the keys that it should, so the phone will answer calls on it's own in a case or in your pocket. But it interferes with normal phone use. Check out TreoGuard. I use it in combination with Pocket Protector, which gives you the ability to prevent the 4 hard buttons from turning on the screen and starting an app accidently. Both are from geakware, have free trials, and are well supported on this forum.
    Bob Meyer
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    Thanks Bob,

    I've switched to getting mail manually, and will try the two programs you've suggested.

    West Point, VA

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