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    Jeff Kirvin had a helpful review of Dtbk4 which included some comparisons with ActionNames. I've been using AN four 4+ months and think it is fantastic and don't really see compelling reasons why DtBk4 would be worth buying to replace AN. It sounds like a great product, but not so much "better" than AN that it would warrant a switch.

    Does anyone have any thoughts/insights on this?
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    Like so many other things, the answer to the question "Which is better?" is a resounding "That depends..."

    I really think that the feature set of the two products is aimed at two different kind of users.

    All I know is that after reading Mr. Kirvins excellent review, I have decided to purchase Datebook4.
    [1] It has some exceedingly useful features I had wanted. Specifically the ability to set the limits of an advance view on a per-appointment basis (allowing a start data and a finish date on projects) and the saved settings (so you can switch from appointment view to holiday view).
    [2] I don't already have ActionNames.

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