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    Yougot gmail and versamail working wow I cannot get it to do anything I just keep geeting SSL not supported mesaage back when I test the settigs from Versamail

    Can you post your settings so I can try to figure this mess out

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    Cycle, you can get your gmail to Versamail quite easily without using fastmail or anything. Just be sure you go into 'settings' in your gmail account and enable POP.

    My settings for my gmail account in Versa mail is:

    1st screen in account setup:

    Mail Service: Other
    Protocol: POP

    2nd screen:


    3rd screen:

    4th screen (incoming mail):
    Port number: 995
    Check: Use SSL

    5th screen (outgoing mail):
    Port number: 465
    Check: SSL and ESMTP

    That's it
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    Hi All,

    I have successfully done the forward e-mail from outlook to Pop Account to SnapperMail. However, on the sender it shows me (which is right) and I get the FW on the subject (which is also right) and when I do a reply I have to do a FWD so I get two FW on the subject. A real pain. Is there any way or rule to clean up FW e-mails a little bit in Outlook?
    I've read somewhere here too that a redirect will show the person who sent it. Will the redirected e-mail stay in my Inbox in Outlook or be gone? If it keeps a copy of it, then I'm fine, I can live with the redirected feature, but If not I cannot afford that. Please help.


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    Redirect sends a "copy", but it comes to your internet server as if from the originator of the email. However, you lose the distribution list, which will show up as text in a "forwarded" email, but you have to manually enter it...
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