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    Hey guys. I recently got a used Sprint 600 off of Amazon for $250 ($130 after gift certificates from friends) and first of all, I love this damn thing. It's a huge step up from my busted-hinge 300 and the 5-way navigation is a snap. **** you, thumb wheel thingie on the side of my 300!

    Anyway, I set up my "Network" prefs so dial in to my university's modem pool that gives me free 56K internet. It calls, connects, gives me the little black internet arrows, and then tries to open a website and just says "Sending...." and then times out. What's the deal? Anyone else have this problem? It's driving me nuts.
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    The timeouts are due, supposedly, to the quality of service of your wireless provider. I get a lot of time-/dropouts using T-Mo. Supposedly the speed of the connection is due to the same QoS.

    Just keep redialing - NO, there is no way to make it auto-redial - and eventually the connection should stick.

    Also stay aware that you'll be using your plan minutes on a dial-up call because it's counted no differently than a regular call. I dial after 9pm and on weekends when my usage is free.
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