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    How do I check the data speed of my GSM treo 650 on cingular Edge.
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    Cool. Here are my results (Cingular T650, 19.95 MW plan, San Francisco Bay Area):

    50k: 73 kbit/sec, 1.611s latency
    100k: 84 kbit/sec, 1.626s latency
    200k: 86 kbit/sec, 1.660s latency
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    pretty similar to my v551's data speed
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    I did the 200k 3 times today today in Los Angeles, CA area.

    my speeds were:

    70 kbit/sec
    81 kbit/sec
    101 kbit/sec

    anyony else done this bandwidth test? let's see some results
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    I thought EDGE was faster than this.

    I get 142kbps on CDMA 1Xrtt

    Guys, please keep posting speeds from various areas. Thanks
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    Wow I thought it would be near 130kbps since it's Edge capable. My Sprint CDMA can get 119kbps in San Jose, CA. Either way thats still pretty fast. Can you guys verify if you can recieve calls while actively surfing?
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    Yeah, I just switched from cingular to sprint on tuesday, couldn't wait any longer for the 650. It worked out to be cheaper for me, but I was a little bummed cause I thought edge speeds were usually a steady 130 kbps and can go up to 170kbps my sprint treo 650 is always between 115kbps and 130kbps, either way it's a huge speed bump from my old 600 on cingular that used to get 25kbps.
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    Well a lot of the speed will also depend on the connection quality, the closer you are to a tower, whether or not you have line of sight, etc.
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    Cingular - Treo 650 - Dallas, Texas

    100k - 68kbit/sec, 3.15s latency
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    (this is just for comparision) PDA2k T-Mobile GPRS 39kbit/s 1.816s latency
    I was thinking of getting a Treo 650 as a mate to my pda2k when I switch to cingular... but I was hoping the speeds would be faster than what you guys are posting
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    110kbps 200k test on Sprint with 1 bar of signal here..... Gotta try again in a better area tomrorrow.
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    San Francisco CA

    AT&T Wireless (Cingular Blue) - MMode

    127 kbit/sec

    1.962s latency
    14.473s d/l time
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    Houston TX
    Cingular Orange MEdiaWorks
    2.015s d/l time
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    I'd like to see someone take a PC or laptop, connect to Cingular EDGE and run this speed test. I wonder what kind of speeds you'd see this way.
    Second, I noticed with the DSL reports speed test there's often a pause in the data download that I believe negatively affects the test. But when I do other large downloads from other sources I don't necessarily see this kind of pause. In any case it's a moot point as long as all of the tests are done the same way with the mspeed test. I'm just saying, I suspect actual rates are a tad bit higher than this test shows.

    Finally, I'd like to see some comparisons with people on Media Works vs. Data Connect or PDA connect (if anyone actually has them.) I'm curious if Media Works has limited bandwitdth compared to the data connect plans. I had read somewhere about less download time slots, but I don't know if that has any affect on these rates. Regardless I'm not getting rid of my Media Works, can't beat the price.
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    tmobile is the suxx0rs. only 36kbits, 12s latency, 45s d/l time with my old treo 600 and old GPRS. hope my new sprint 650 is much faster...after it gets activated anyway.
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    For recent results, see
    Highest result: 170 4.309s (200k)
    Cingular Highest: 147 2.015s (200k)
    Sprint Highest: 133 1.784s (200k)
    Cingular results are all over the place, but many in the 110 range.
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    170kbps on EDGE is fine, but a 4.3 second latency?? Yikes! I'll keep my 110kpbs 1 sec latency.
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    got 59k in shreveport, LA. Rep said we had edge. I am on media words. Not sure if that is the issue. my 600 seemed faster, but it was on the data plan? I am with cingular.
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    I just did a 200k on my sprint 650 and got 119 kbps
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