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    I just oredered a Cingular is back-ordered, so I have some time to get organized. I am a serious Palm user--utilizing Outlook for contacts, To-Do lists, Calendar, etc. I am looking for help on recommendations....I have reviewed several threads in this forum on the subject.....I will carry my treo in my front I need a recommendation for a case. What about cradle vs. cable for syncing. I know I probably need screen protectors...but what about applications I ought to use.....I am not sure about whether I will be able to access the company network to access email and company websites.....I work for a company that probably won't allow me access via my any rate.....just looking for some insite and recommendations....thanks.
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    There's plenty of info on these boards about everything you listed. Take a look around, and I'm sure you'll find more then enough to satisfy your needs.

    Not trying to dog you, smoberly, but I think you'll have plenty of success just by typing some of the key phrases for what you need(e-mail client, mp3 player)
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    I am in the same boat, having just ordered a GSM unlocked 650. First, I would buy a case, I feel the best are Krusell, and the classic is very snug and protects the keyboard and screen all the time. (No need for protectors!) Plus the Krusell clip can be used with other Krusell cases for other devices. I'd also get a 12v adaptor and maybe a spare battery.

    On syncing and software... and this is important! Backup your old device (or hosync your old Treo 600) and then in the case of Treos, get the newest hotsync software and install it. Do not hotsync the 650 your old data!!! Make a new user and import contacts, calendar, etc. Then, carefully, one app at a time, hotsync your apps. I plan on making a list of my most used and important ones and installing them first. If you do all this, you'll have a much less chance of crashing the new 650 and a better experience. Good luck! I await my new Treo 650 with eager anticipation and look forward to Bluesyncing, creating a Bluefi network at home and Bluejacking folks on V$
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    Go to the PalmOne website and download the manual! Read up on the new Treo...

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