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    What is the version of the Palm Desktop and Hotsync manager that ships with the GSM Treo 650's?
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    Mine is 6.01
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    Quote Originally Posted by MisterEd
    Mine is 6.01
    Really? I thought the latest was 4.1.4. What ever happened to 5.x???
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZBoater
    Really? I thought the latest was 4.1.4. What ever happened to 5.x???
    6.01 would be HotSync The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    You are of course correct .... .... sorry. It is 4.1.4.
    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    6.01 would be HotSync
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    Thanks... Would you all install the new Palm Desktop and Hotsync manager right over the previous version (4.1.0 for me, works fine with my TungstenT)?
    Also, are there any considerations if I use Intellisync 5.x (I sync Calendar with Lotus Notes)? Just reinstall whatever came with the Treo 650's CD?

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    I had a tungsten t5 and just instlled my treo 650's over it and ran into problems. I found un-installing and rebooting, then installing from the 650 disc fixed all my problems. I sold the t5 for my 650, but my t3 still syncs fine with this version. I'd un-install, then install palm desktop from your treo cd.
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    mspalacios, follow the link in my signature for the safest way to transition from your Tungsten to the Treo.

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