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    When I received my Proclip for 650 today, I was hoping that I could have used it on my left side. I am right handed and prefer to grab the phone with my left hand so I can continue writing with a pen on paper, or to grab the stylus.

    I ended up prying off the glued on clip (came off in three parts when I went at it with putty knife and hammer) and gluing it on again "upside-down" so I could use it on my left side.

    It would have been nice to have that option built in or be able to order for right side or left side.
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    I don't guess I understand what you did. Do you have the Pro Clip Holster? I have the holster and I have it on my left side with no problem. What problem did you have that you couldn't just clip it on your left side?
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    I should have clarified. I have the horizontal holster. If I moved it to the left side, the phone would have been backwards in my hand when I removed it.
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    Ok, makes sense now. Mine is the vertical.
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    get the vertical holster... also comes with a swivel clip so you can move it to horizontal..
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