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    I am notorius for not filling out my weekly time sheets until Friday. I was hoping that there'd be a good program on the Palm that would encourage me to log my times better.

    I need to track the project/client, and the amound of time spent on each project. I've looked at the following:

    TCLogger - a very nice, simple interface. It allows me to export each day to the memo pad so I can easily export my data.

    TikTok - a lot like TCLogger...without the export feature

    Timesheet - a nice program in that I can simply create categories and select from them to start a new project. The drawback is that it is a clumsy interface. To start a job, I need to click NEW then the CLOCK and then OK. To stop timing, I need to click on the job, then the CLOCK and then then OK...too much clicking.

    Ideally, I'm looking for a cross bewteed TimeSheet and TCLogger.

    Any ideas?
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    Take a look at PunchClock.

    I've been using for a few weeks now to keep track of my time. Seems to work pretty good.

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    i use tidrapport/time report. it's simple, effective...and good for people like me who need a short description for my jobs...then at the end of the week it's a reminder and i fill out the explaination from memory.
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    Thanks, Hoser...I'll check that app out!

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    I use AllTime. It's a little pricey but I'm happy with it. Check out
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    Punch Clock (mentioned above) is pretty okay. You can setup multiple projects with different task categories.

    You can then configure it to prompt you for a task category when you punch out and optionally attach a note to describe what you did.

    The problem I've had though is remebering to punch out
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    Another option you might want to look at is Titrax. It's under the GPL, so you have ultimate freedom to use and modify it as you wish, much like two of the other programs you tried.

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    I use Titrax and like it a lot. It's too bad that it doesn't have a conduit, but it does give you two options for saving the day's time: to the calendar or to the notepad. I tried PunchClock first and prefer Titrax. Does anyone who has tried Titrax prefer something else?
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    I came across this by accident today... it's a program called TakeTime. Seems to be fairly flexible and the web site contains several support files that appear to setup a conduit to an Access database.

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    TimeReport/Tidrapport just upgraded to ver.3.2 which allows you to put a short note with every entry.

    this is a good shareware program (you have to hit the 'not yet' button every time you load it up).
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    Off all the programs I've looked at so far, TimeReport seems to have the nicest interface. However, there seems to be a huge flaw in it. I can's stop and task and then restart it without it forgetting all of the accumulated time to that point.

    Am i doing something wrong, or is this a serious bug?
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    I see what you're saying Homer.

    I don't use that function (i just type in amount of time and customized my 'quick bar' to times i usually input).

    I tried using the auto time calc function a few seems like the cumulative time should be displayed next to the Time: heading (as it does when you hit the stop button) and if you were to restart, it should add the new amount of time to what is currently showing in the Time: slot. But you're right, it deletes that time and starts over. I wonder if the author is aware of this.

    the website is:

    i think this should be an easy fix, all that's required is to add current calculated time to what value is in the time slot and display the total.

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    I've been using all time for the pase few months and really like how user friendly it is and how i can customize it to suit my needs. i tried the other ones mentioned above, but found them lacking.

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