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    I just got my Treo 650 and I need a good pop up menu for apps. Basically a little list of custom freq. used apps that I can pop up with a keypress. It is essential that I can customize this list to launch apps from the main memory or the card

    I used to have some sort of DA with hackmaster then switched to Zlaunchers built in popup menu and mapped it to the to-do list button. But, on my treo 650 I really do not want to take the overhead of a 800K + zlauncher program just for the included pop up menu.... Im trying Butler but it only will launch apps in main memory and makes just bounce through the phone application before will launch app.

    Isnt there any small ~100K app that just allows you to keep a pop up list of apps to launch?

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    i use mcphling. works great
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    Does that work ok on the Treo 650?
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    I would guess -- I doubt a 1600+ post veteran wouldn't reply with a program that doesn't work on a Treo
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    Loaded McPhling on my Treo 650... seems to work very well. I have used this in the past. Only prob is that it limits you to 10 apps.. Would like to have side by side list of 20-40
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    hilauncher kicks a**
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    Yeah Hilauncher looks pretty f*****g dope

    How well does it work with the 5way?
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    perfectly. It's totally customizable. You can launch apps, sd card apps, web links, recent app and more. custom size, color, animation. It's one of the best apps out there. Can't believe it's not mentioned more.
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    Cool -- ima try it

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