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    Anyone out there have any solid leads (or confirmed information) on how to record voice tags for contacts? I have the Sprint Treo 650 and the Jabra BT 250. Manuals for both indicate support for voice tags, but pass the buck on how to actually record them. Searches here and on Google turn up mostly innuendo and heartbreak; no solutions..

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    The Jabra BT200 and the BT250 will both use Voice tags, but that assumes that your phone has the capability to record and store the tags. Not to mention the ability to go to voice dial when you initiate contact from your headset (i.e. pushing the button on your Jabra to start a call) Everything I've seen say that this capability does not exist on the Treo 650. It's a real shame. That's a major piece of the BT/Cellphone puzzle. They're obviously looking at the wrong picture

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