I've had my T600 for a week now. And I have had to do a total of about 20 hard reset in the week.
Most have been due to software conflicts. Trial and error. Last night my 7 day trial period for LightWav was up got the nag then it went into continuous loop had to do another hard reset. Then clean out all my backup files and delete all the lightwav stuff, but I have one grip, tried to delete one last file and it won't let me, needless to say it also wouldn't stop resetting. But I did finally just move the backup off the card/reformatted the card and gone.
I might have bought the lightwav, but now am not sure. Would have been better to have a 14 day or 15 day trial period. 7 days just is not enough. Especially for someone new. I guess my first question is this resetting normal or is it possible I got a lemon. Otherwise I love my treo, just the resetting and having to restore backup is getting on my nerves.
Also I get a reset if I've got the headset in and talking and the charger on for more then 30 minutes. Have learned headset and charger do not mix, is this normal?
Am sorry for all the questions, but I've been trolling for a week and trying to search and find answers just none seem to quite fit.