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    I was wondering what everyone was using as a doc editor for use with the stowaway?

    I'm looking for something that will hold quite a bit of text and that would allow for ease of transfer between the visor and Word2000 - any suggestions?
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    i think it should work with Word2000, SmartDoc is what i use.

    i like their quicksheet program too...just upgraded to 5.0!
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    SmartDoc is the best I can think of and it's what I use too as a doc editor; however, it cannot transfer to Word 2000 doc format for viewing on your desktop (or vice versa) without a 3rd party document converter. This is because your Visor uses the it as a PDB file, and Word uses DOC format (not Palm DOC)

    I use PalmDocs and its' beauty is in its simplicity. It adds a simple drop-down menu in Word with 2 choices, "Open PDB File", which allows you to import a Palm Document from your HotSync backup,, and "Save PDB and Install" which converts the Word file to PDB format and puts it in your Palm Install Tool for installation on your Visor during your next HotSync. Although some of the fonts and formatting is lost in the conversion, it is still the best solution IMHO.
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    You might try out QED also.
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    I just got TakeNote with my Gotype keyboard, and it looks like it has an interesting conduit built in. Evidently when you change a DOC file in TakeNote, the next time you sync, a .txt version of the document is put in a folder that sits on your desktop. You can evidently also put .txt files in the same folder, and they are automatically converted over to DOC format at the next Hotsync.

    TakeNote is available from I already have SmartDoc, but maybe TakeNote will give it a run for the money.

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