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    Anyone have an update on the status of Shadowmite's DUN hack for Cingular locked GSM phones?

    I have an order in for an unlocked version so that DUN is enabled, but if the DUN works with the hack then I might as well save the 50 bucks and weeks of waiting since I use Cingular.
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    How well has it been working? I know when it first came out over the weekend there were some stability issues. Is that still the case? Between the free headset, the %50 bucks off and the not having to wait factor it may be tough to pass up the Cingular version, but DUN is the deal breaker. Thanks in advance.
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    DUN on the 650 is unstable on all versions and always will be .. palm didnt make it stable.
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    Riekl, do you mean it is as unstable as the unlocked version will be?
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    I'm using a Sprint 650, so not answering the original question, but I've been using Shadowmite DUN hack all week while I'm out of town and have had almost no problems with it. I think I may have had to do a soft reset once--nothing worse than other apps in general. So while it may be called unstable, I think it's very useable and useful.
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    Precisely .. you pretty much have to reset after every usage, and often before each usage.

    Much better solution is to use pdanet it will work via BT Without the dun hack and more reliably.

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