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    Seidio Emergency Power Charger for Treo 650

    This Emergency Power Charger instantly recharges your Smartphone with a regular 9V alkaline battery (not included), anytime, anywhere, when no other power source is available.

    The unique Interchangeable Connectors allow you to use the Emergency Power Charger (EPC) with multiple PDAs or other digital devices such as wireless phones simply by purchasing additional Interchangeable Connectors. The design for the connector offers a stable and secure connection to the charger while still allowing it to be easily removed and replaced.

    EPC is designed to charge the battery for Treo 650 when there is no power source available. This would be the most beneficial and life saving charger to have during emergencies. The 9V battery can supply about 40-50% of power to the Treo 650 battery.

    For more information about this product, please visit:

    This product is also available for the following models: Axim X5, Ipaq 1700/1900/2200/3800/3900/ 4100/4300/4700/5400, Sony Clie, Treo 90/180/270/300, XDA I, Nextel 185, Nokia 3360, and Ericsson T28.

    Company website:

    Seidio is a leading manufacturer of accessory products for PDAs, digital music players and Smartphones and focuses its development activities on innovative products to enhance the use of devices. As a global player, Seidio operates in Europe, Asia and North America.
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