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    Has anyone succesfully gotten the Showtimes perl script to work on their Mac?

    I've downloaded and configured everything, but the perlscript hangs when looking for the file. It's there...but it is not identified as a MacPerl script. Is that the problem?

    Alternatively, is Avantgo a better solution to getting movie times on my Visor?

  2. #2 on avantgo works great everytime!
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    I checked out, but wasn't too doesn't list movies by location.

    Can I use Yahoo Movies on Avantgo?

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    Heck yes you can use yahoo movies with avantgo! Virtually any website that doesn't require you to log in can be downloaded. Point your web browser to the website, browse down to where you want to start downloading, then save that URL and set it up as a custom URL in avantgo. I only do it for one theater, but all I have is a custom channel with the follwoing URL:

    Then you can tell the channel how many sub levels to download. I've download web-based bulletin boards all the time, and just this morning downloaded a portion of an online catalog.

    Avantgo is SO cool...just wish I had more download space....

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    If you're in NYC, check out vindigo (available at for restaurants, movie times, and a bunch more.

    I'm NOT in NYC, but was there this weekend and I'm looking forward to vindigo's promised expansion to other cities. You can enter your email address at vindigo to be notified when vindigo hits your area.
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    Well, I looked at and for Avantgo movie listing channels. only lists a small area...not to thorough. The realcities lists a much larger area, but does it by listing ALL movies in a LONG list of multiple pages. This is just annoying.

    So, I'm trying to get the Yahoo movies page to load through Avantgo, but I get a "this channel to big to transger" error. The page is only I'm not sure what the problem is.

    Has anyone else had this problem?

    I like the Yahoo page as it shows the movies BY THEATER rather than just a long list of movies...although it also includes all of the miscellaneus theaters like the planetarium and the Zoo (so if there are any other movie-lisitn gsite suggestion, please let me know!)

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    actually you might be able to download a website that requires a password. I've done it with a company site of mine. You have to log in and go to the page you want to make into a channel and find the correct URL (I did it by following dennisl's advice and right clicking on the frame I wanted to access to get the URL under 'properties'.). Now I daily download my nationwide scheduling info for my business and have access to it all day long. Very convenient. You can also access links by customizing your settings.
    I'd like to know if this is possible for anybody else.
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    I've used Showtimes extensively on my Mac. I think it is a great program. The AvantGo options I saw didn't look nearly as useful.

    If you have MacPerl installed and are using the Mac version of the Showtimes script with a properly configured getdata.cfg file then it should work. Let me know if I can be of any help in getting things working. The author of Showtimes is also very good about helping users. I had some trouble getting it to work early on (I was one of the first Mac users of Showtimes) and after sending him some files and error reports he fixed the problems very quickly.

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    I suggest sending the program's author (Robert J. Ray) a quick e-mail and maybe he could provide you with some help. I had trouble with the perl script (although it was for a PC) and he was able to point me in the right direction. Also he has a version which has a conduit as well and provides excellent Hot Syncing capabilities.

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