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    I'm getting a Sena magnet flip case hopefully next week. Are there programs that will allow me to soft reset the 650 without having to remove the battery cover? I think I read Butler will do it but I've also read about numerous problems people have had with it. I tried doing a forum search but mostly found problems with phones resetting on their own. Any help would be appreciated...especially any freeware. I have enjoyed KBlights and LEDoff.


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    Try mReset . Its freeware , only 2k and works fine on my Treo 650.
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    Z-launcher, a necessity, imo, for the memory limitations of the 650, also does allow a soft reset from the "Device" menu
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    versamail will, but I don't think it was designed to do so.
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    Initiate does too (and so will a paperclip!)
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    Quote Originally Posted by gt5l
    versamail will, but I don't think it was designed to do so.
    Blazer does too. Also the messaging app has been know to perform resets. the occasional incoming call will reset via the phone app if the memory chunk is too low.
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    I was so tempted to have a sarcastic post but so many already beat me to it!

    ScheduleCare will allow you to perform a soft reset on a schedule.
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    The problem is, that many times you need to do a soft reset, you can't launch an application so it is mostly useless. But, for the record, Chatter can do a soft reset too (used for upgrading to a newer version).
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    Quote Originally Posted by stevecccc
    Try mReset . Its freeware , only 2k and works fine on my Treo 650.
    I use SoftReset (also free)

    For screenshot:
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    I downloaded mReset and it seems to be working good and doesn't cause any conflicts with other programs on my Treo. I'm sure there are times when the only option is to remove the cover and manually press the button. The situation I usually encounter is when the phone gives error messages when trying to surf the net or using versamail. I can either wait for the phone to sign off Vision or I can reset to fix the problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gt5l
    jeff I try not to miss any oppertunities.

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