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    Other than the penalty for cancelling my Verizon contract, are there technical / features / performance / ?? / reasons for not going to Sprint to be able to get a full-up Treo 650? I'm in S.F. Bay area. Also, I need "broadband" internet access via the cell phone for my notebook PC; does Sprint support that with the '650?
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    I'm in Washington, DC area, but I don't think you'll have any coverage problems with Sprint in any major metropolitan area. My cell phone service is excellent, no complaints with Sprint there, and Vision (data) service works very well. And is a lot cheaper than Verizon's data service.

    I don't know that I'd call Vision "broadband," but you can connect your laptop through the Treo in two different ways. First, via a cable connection and a product called PDANet. Second, through a simple hack to the Treo to enable bluetooth DUN.

    Does Sprint support it? No, not officially. But it seems that as long as you use the access only moderately (typical web browsing and email), you won't run into any issues with Sprint. If you're going to be doing heavy duty file transfers or the like, then you may run afoul of Sprint's limits on "unlimited" Vision. In that case, you'd probably be better off with a Sprint modem card for your laptop, or Verizon's EV-DO card and service. Of course, both of those are pretty pricey.
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