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    Right now I have a Tungsten E and my cell phone and I want to consolidate them. 599 is a steep price to pay for the T650 just to find out I was happier using two separate units. Is the T300 a good way to go? Iíve read some posts that say itís a great organizer and the phone reception is good as well. Does it have the same apps as my Tungsten though? I only use tasks and to dos, the calendar and address book as well as pocket quicken. Also does the T300 have a graffiti area? Any info would be helpful and appreciated. Thanks.
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    I highly recommend getting the treo 300 for evaluating a "smartphone", I bought one off ebay $60 becuase I didn't know if I could carry a big phone around or like it, well worth the price! At worst case you can sell it for the same amount and get your money back on ebay... I'm now desperatly looking to upgrading to either T650 or PPC-6600
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    The Treo 300 is not a good way to go, especially if you are used to a Tungsten E and a "real" cell phone. The Palm side of the Treo 300 is ancient (OS 3.5), it was out of date even when it was new. And it is slooooow.

    The integration makes up for most of major short comings of the Treo 300, but it doesn't really cover the fact that the Treo 300 was a poor PDA and cellphone.

    To answer your other question, there is no Graffiti area. But, you used to be able to download a free Graffiti enabler from Handspring (I think it was Reco Echo).

    I wouldn't consider anything less than a Treo 600, if you want an integrated device (and the prices for them are dropping quite a lot).
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    Thanks for the insight and the info. At least I'm impowered with more than I had.
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    I had a 300 and got a free upgrade from Sprint. I would recommend getting a 600. The SD slot alone made it a GREAT improvement. Add Ptunes Deluxe and a headset and you have a MP3 player.

    I seem to remember seeing it advertised for $100 for a new activation.

    The keyboard is better on the 300 was a little easier, but MP3 ringers are SO much better than MIDI. Plus most of the bugs are worked out now with new firmware. I even get Voice recorder free W/ Sound Rec (freeware but requires newest firmware).

    IMO the 600 will give you almost as good of a PDA as your Tungsten, and a better phone than the 300. the form factor is better on a 600 too.

    just my .02
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    I got my 300 off ebay for $41. My wife has a 600 that she got as an upgrade when she broke her 600. So I am familiar with both.

    IMHO, if you can get a 600 series for $100, that's fine. But the 300 has 95 percent of the functionality. I use mine as a cell phone, e-mail, calendar, web surfing, home intercom, and flashlight. Other than the lid, I don't see that it has any serious issues.
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    quick correction. my wife upgraded from a 300, not 600.

    300s have all the palm apps, including an address book that integrates nicely with the phone and whatever e-mail you are using. battery power is inferior to the 600, I keep chargers at work, home, and in the car, so it is not an issue. A 300 for fifty bucks is one of the incredible values out there.

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