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    I ordered via the phone.. big mistake.

    I signed up with new cingular service last week, so I can get the new treo 650.
    the rep on the phone told me they were sending me a new treo 650 and and 600 arrived today.

    I feel like canceling my contract now ( I have 30 days ) and I havent even activated it yet.

    Does anyone recommend any options on this. Whats the best route to take for results?

    1. Should I just cancel by Cingular account , send back the treo 600 and buy direct from Palmone with new service.

    2. Should I activate the service with the 600, wait 10 days and try to exchange the 600 for the 650.

    3. Should I keep the cingular account ( not cancel ) , just send back the phone and hope they send me the 650 as a replace... this chould take a long time.

    4. Should I keep the 600, and go to local Cingular store and try to exchange for the 650 ( if they have it ).. may not have for awhile.

    Please advise.

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    Ordered a 650, received a 600. Seems clear to me..... call back and explain what happened.
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    Why wouldn't you just call Cingular support, expalin the situation and send the 600 back and let them send you what you originally ordered ? Sounds like a simple mistake on their part. If you want the full demo period, don't activate the 600.

    EDIT: I see ttrundle beat me to it.
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    call cingular, return t600 and get t650....well, you ordered for a t650 right?
    its just like you've ordered a E55 benz but getting a E300
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    I would definately return it.
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    why the double-post????
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    Im new in here and posted to 600 area by mistake
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    don't see why you're pontificating over the options, just call 'em up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dethman
    don't see why you're pontificating over the options, just call 'em up.
    Poor use of a big word dethman...i think what you mean is "pondering over the options.."

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