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    My (classic) T600 has recently begun to experience a few problems. (1) buzzing -- i read the strings here and will try the foil solution, but problem (2) is a mystery.

    Monday afternoon I wasn't able to place calls. I pushed an oft-used favorites button (the wife) and went to the dialing screen, but it then returned to the dial pad screen. It didn't connect. I thought, I was at the Ft Lauderdale airport, maybe the signal was bad... Upon landing in Detroit, turned it on, I got full T-Mobile signal bars. Again, it appeared to dial and after a few seconds returned to the dial pad screen. Tried multiple numbers, tried direct dial pad entry, checked my network preferences (frequency connect is on "auto"), did a hard reset, etc. Still no outbound calling after 3 days.

    Last nite, upon my return home, I swapped my GSM chip with my wife's chip. I could call and receive calls on MY chip in HER phone. I could not call and receive on HER chip in MY T600. So, I've deduced more or less that it's hardware.

    (NOTE: in a paranoid moment, I thought initially that TMobile might be blocking my number since I was using the "proxy" solution to get internet access. But my chip worked in my wife's phone, so I think it is the T600 and not the T Mobile police).

    I'm doing another hard reset as I write this.

    Help help.
    parenthetical guy
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    parenthetical guy
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    Do a Search under Network Search Problem or Error-you should find a thread which specifies handset ESN sequence which others have replaced for this documented problem.
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    I'll try it. I'll try anything.
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    assuming your Treo 600 is under warrenty, just give Palm One a call, tell them you've hard reset several times, did a battery reset and tried using the phone with no applications installed. They will send you a new/refurbed one in ten or so days... I am waiting for mine because the old one's screen was acting up. But I'm waiting for my T650 as well!
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