Has anybody used Intellisync Mobile Suite? This enterprise system (not to be confused with the Intellisync conduit for wired syncing) provides, in my opinion, wireless syncing capabilities between the server (in my case Exchange) and the PDA (in my case Treo 650, but it should work with the 600 as well) that are as good if not better than the BlackBerry. I just had the latest version installed on my Treo 650 (version 6.01.0028), and after setting up for "push", my Treo is now wirelessly receiving and sending e-mails, appointments, contacts, etc. in the same way that BlackBerry does it - "ad hoc" as needed, as opposed to the batch mode which used to tie up my PDA for about a minute.

So far, I'm very impressed with how well and seemlessly it works. I'm still monitoring battery life, but given that it only sends and receives in short burts (as needed), battery life doesn't seem to be suffering (and I receive lots of e-mail everyday).

P.S. I believe Intellisync Mobile Suite is the same wireless sync software that Verizon puts on its smartphones, but I'm not sure if they are using the latest version yet.

Anybody have any experience with this?