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    My Treo 270 is hung on the 'palm powererd' startup screen.
    At first it had a slightly-lit but blank screen ; soft, warm and hard resets did not help. I disconnected the battery and reconnected, then I got
    to the 'palm-powered' startup screen.
    At this point I tried:
    Soft Reset (pressing reset button on back of 270)
    Warm Reset (pressing reset button while holding scroll-up button down)
    Hard Reset (pressing reset button while holding power button down)
    In-cradle Soft, Warm, Hard resets (same as above but while connected to
    recharger. This is a misnomer since the 270 is not in the cradle while doing this (and in fact cannot be, due to the reset button location being covered by the cradle when in-cradle).
    If the 'in-cradle reset' is in fact something else somebody please let me know.)

    On occasion I reach the 'do you want to wipe out all memroy' screen
    but there is no response to the scrollup button-press.

    I looked at the battery and found an open-circuit voltage of ~3.6V which
    seems ok. A load of 300ohms killed this voltage (to 0V) so I guess the battery is not so great i.e. cannot provide 10mA. However 3000 ohms dropped the voltage to ~3.5V so it can provide 1mA. In any case this shouldnt make any difference if the unit is plugged in , right?
    On the other hand the recharge light (red indicator light on top) does not come on when I plug into the recharger, so maybe I am not getting recharged.
    In any case the battery has enough juice to power the screen (palm-powered startup screen).

    Does anyone have any suggestions?
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    In regard to the battery light - it is an OS level function so the battery is probably still charging even if the light isn't coming on. Bad news is that the OS isn't up and going...

    I had the same issue with my 180 and eventually gave up. Hope you do better.

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