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    Keyguard comes on and screen goes blank - if you do not press any button WITHIN 1 second of the screen going blank (=keyguard active), then the unit is completely dead.

    Hard reset (twice) did not help.

    Is there a software patch or update?

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    Correction: switch off the unit or let it auto shut off after 30 sec, wait more than one second to press another key, and the thing is dead.
    Any suggestions?
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    What do you mean the unit is dead? Power button doesn't turn it on? What about the other three hardware (application) buttons? What happens when you do a soft reset?
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    ... the unit does not come back on again, no matter what button I press.

    Hard reset, system reset, soft reset (in that order) to no avail.

    Press any button in the split second the screen goes blank and you are okay, wait 2 seconds and the only thing you can do is take out the battery and put it back in again.

    One more thing, when the unit is in this 'dead' mode, the phone does not respond to incoming calls.

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    what apps do u have loaded? any that allow disable buttons or touchscreen like treoguard etc? disable key guard after warm reset (reset while holding up arrow) & see if power button responsive. & don't hot synch, prefs might be corrupted... also leave out the sd card. all else it.
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    No apps, the unit won't work right after a hard-system-soft reset, and before any syncing. Replacing it seems imminent...
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    Here's a really dumb idea, but try it anyway...
    Check in your Pref settings to see how long your Auto-Off is set for... on my TREO 600, minimum is 30 secs, but maybe something on yours glitched. Would have thought the resets would fix it, but....
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    Just to make sure, when you say hard reset, you are resetting with a paper clip (or something similar) while holding the power button, then, when prompted, you push the up key to say that you want to erase all data? Right?

    If that's the case then the unit is surely defective. You need to exchange it for a working unit.
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    To GWB and Silverado: Thanks for your responses.
    Auto off setting about 30 seconds.
    Re: hard reset, yes, holding power button, erasing all data, yes, and then select language again.
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    How is your "P" key? This would happen when my button went dead. The keyguard would not turn off because my Treo was constanty sending "P" 's.
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    It is not the "P" key; the unit is completely dead after the auto shut off or the manual shut off (press red key).
    Even incoming calls aren't coming in - the phone is dead after shut off.
    One strange thing though: press any key within one second of the unit switching off and it comes back to life again.
    Cannot believe Palm does not do a full QC on these products. This is not something that occurred during transport.
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    the same thing happened to my phone that I just got today from Vienna Channels. Man, what a friggin piece of doodie.

    If the power turns off, I cannot turn it back on without removing the battery. I am pretty upset at this.
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    Imagine what it will be like when you really start using it...
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    Wow, I thought I was going crazy when this first happened to me. First time was yesterday. Didn't answer a call in time & hit the keyguard button, then the phone went totally dead....I mean DEAD!! Couldn't get a response from doing anything. I ended up having to take the battery out for 30 seconds and then replacing, that finally brought the Treo back to life.

    I hoped that this was a one time "glitch" but then it happened again today. Exact same thing. I've also had other "glitches" where the phone has just locked up on the phone display and I had to take the battery out briefly to reset. This is distinctly different than the first issue, where I actually have to leave the battery out for 20-30 seconds to reset the phone. Weird stuff.

    Other than that I love the Treo. Cool phone, but man it's frustrating to lose your phone functionality for any length of time.

    I don't have any custom roms (maybe I should). Any ideas?

    Seattle Ray
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    Get a new one - that's what I am doing.
    Cannot believe Palm shipped these units without QC.
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    Now, my phone seems to be working fine. Im afraid that it is going to break again as soon as I install any software however.

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