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    I'm a new Visor owner and would like to make sure I've got the essentials downloaded. Welcome any suggestions.

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    That's a highly subjective question. You might start by checking out what is available for the PalmOS on sites like Palmgear and also checking deeper into this sites software postings. There is alot of free software out there. You can get programs for graphics, spreadsheet applications, checking accts., document readers (and editors), alarm clocks, games, reference, etc. You might also checkout a book, like David Pogue's Palm Pilot The Ultimate Guide, to see what a PalmOS PDA is capable of. My first PDA was my Visor and I really have enjoyed his book as a great reference tool.
    Now to get personal with my own "essentials".
    I like CSpotRun, ISilo Free, and MobiPocket as document readers (all free)
    I like Avantgo (a free program that lets you automatically download previously chosen "channels" from the web when you sync your PDA. There are hundreds of channels out there and you can also make your own and download any web page you want automatically to view offline on your Visor.)
    My son and I like games. There are so many free ones out there I hesitate to give a favorite (and I don't know what your taste runs to!).
    Album to Go, Flip, Diddle, and Scribbler are all great graphics programs.
    Other programs I use on a regular basis are BigClock (great multiple alarm), BibleReader (self explanatory), and Tiny Sheet (spreadsheet)
    I have also downloaded the free PalmOS development program PDA Toolbox from and whipped up some personal programs for just me!
    Good luck and welcome!
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    A program called Runtime would also be a good addition to the excellent list above, it basically shows how much running time one gets out of a pair of batteries. I like it because it's more objective than just saying you got 3 weeks use out of a pair of AAAs, 3 weeks use would be understandable for someone who uses their Visor 30 minutes a day, but I use my Visor 2-3 hours a day, 3 weeks would be impossible for me to achieve :P .

    Also, I second Avantgo, it's really cool to read the latest news on one's Visor .
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    As mentioned, this is a really personal thing, and I'm sure the thread has been done before, but it is interesting and I'll add my must-have list.

    These are all freeware:

    1) Launcher III - gives you a tabbed desktop for organizing your apps.

    2) EvPlugBase - freeware alternative to hackmaster

    3) Diddle - an excellent drawing program

    4) Niggle - a GREAT version of Scrabble for the Palm OS

    5) HandyShop - THE shopping list program

    6) BackupAll - a cheap, if somewhat primitive way to ensure all data is backed up

    And here are my must-have hacks:

    Middlecaps (allows you to write capital letters without the annyoing pre-upstroke)

    Greenlight hack (inverts the backlighting)

    MenuHack (allows you to click the top of the screen to get the menu bar).

    I look forward to seeing other's lists.
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    My essentials are:
    1) ThinkDB- Database program, can customize to fit your needs.
    2) Showtimes- Movie showtimes, very important to me.
    3) MPG- Keeps track of all my auto needs.
    4) Mapopolis- map of Salt Lake.
    5) Avantgo- Read different newspapers.
    6) Hackmaster- got to have the different hacks.
    7) iSilo- read different novels.
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    Here's my list of must haves:

    LeftHack (hey, I'm a southpaw, go figure)
    FontHack 123 v2
    AAA FontViewer
    Launch'Em or Launcher III
    Doc reader of some flavor (currently iSilo Free)
    Memo Plus
    ToDo PLUS



    That which does not kill me had BETTER do enough damage to keep me from firing back!
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    I can't believe nobody said Action Names by Iambic (! That software ROCKS! It ties all of your Palm databases together into one interface. Schedule appointments with people right out of your contacts and cool stuff like that. If you only pay for two apps, make THIS one (and hackmaster the other)!

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    i too love action names...
    infact i think iambic makes a bunch of great programs - and i don't work for them, either:

    action names
    alltime - expense and time tracker
    tinysheet - spreadsheet

    i also use
    multimailpro - need modem
    proxiweb* - need modem
    big clock*
    my checkbook*
    smartdoc - doc reader/editor
    handscape* - launcher
    hackmaster with:
    popup calculator
    popup time

    bj's blackjack*

    *: free!

    although for me, they're all indispensible. this little machine has changed my life.

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    As a programmer with access to multiple machines and multiple software projects, I find the following tools REALLY useful.

    - password/account info manager.
    - has import/export support
    - good for credit card info too

    - event tracker/alarm.
    - has export support
    - great for logging system problems

    - create your own databases on your palm (I could of used this for tracking system problems...but I didn't know about it when I purchased blue moon)
    - nice interface
    - import/export support

    Here are some others that make my everday life easier:

    - spell checker / thesaurus

    - clipboard (cut/paste) for 10 different items

    - tool to flag all databases for backup

    - stick notes with alarms (free)

    - great list tool for shopping.
    - Allows for import/export of data.
    - free

    - doc reader.
    - iSolo is 25% smaller than doc format
    - good PC desktop tool to convert web pages it iSilo on demand (works through firewall, if your web browser does)

    - my current favorite doc reader
    - get to conver text files
    to doc format.

    Peanut Reader
    - good reader for the Peanut books

    - free maps and map reader
    - web site at

    - MiddleCapsHack
    - MenuHack - menu bar dropdown
    - SwitchHack - popup menu of last 10 programs

    - void = space game
    - subhunt
    - Soitaire
    - Amusement Park

    Does anyone know of a tool that makes deleting unwanted apps easier?

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