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    Just happened on Tealscript grafiti replacement and saw it was upgraded for Treo 650 and Tungsten just today. Any one try it upgrade from Samsung I-330 has been flawless and I've only added one new app...Filez...I'll go carefully with new apps but I can't wait to get back to Grafiti 1.

    I'm pasting some details here and a link

    Release 3.60 - February 2, 2005
    Added option to force pen-area layout to "wide", etc for compatibility with third-party skins
    Added compatibility with left-handed landscape mode on Tungsten T5
    Added option to turn off beeping when manually changing Write-anywhere state
    Added support for 5-way navigation on main TealScript screen
    Fixed crashes after HotSync on Tungsten T5 and Treo 650 (works around new bug in PalmOS 5.4)
    Fixed functionality of abort button on automatic tuning screen on Tungsten T5 and Treo 650
    Fixed deselection of text fields in main program on Tungsten T5 and Treo 600/650
    Fixed overlapping preview label and scroll arrows on recognition test screen
    Fixed taps in status bar of OS5 Sony devices from being recognized as text

    Update one hour later: so far so good very sophisticated program, Teal Software is extreemly high quality.
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    I'm a TealScript user on Treo 650. I can't wait to get home and install this. I'll leave a message with a short review of the enhancements.

    The 'deselection' issue is a welcome fix.

    My biggest problem with TealScript is the punctuation shift recognition. That only works for me about a third of the time and is very annoying.


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