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    I received a phone call from the Cingular shop on Stevens Creek and Lawrence saying some 650's AT&T and Cingular will be available this afternoon in Valley Fair mall in San Jose. I went there after work to see the device. The guy just received some boxes full of 650's !!! The only problem was the price $599 without tax :-( The unlocked version will be available at this PalmOne store the 3rd week of March.

    I wanted to get one AT&T 650 and wait for the unlocked version I just ordered today and just return the AT&T one after 3 weeks. The guy at PalmOne store told me there is only a 14 days return policy with 10% restocking fees !!!

    I decided to pass and wait for the unlocked version. By the way the sales guy at PalmOne confirmed me what told me one PalmOne employee yesterday. If a Treo 650 is unlocked, the warranty is VOID. I think it's better to wait for the unlocked version. I had a very bad experience when I bought my first 600's last year (cingular). I return 8 times the units, every single time the unit sent was not working correctly.

    To finish, there is a Cingular store on Great America Parkway who is expecting some Treo 650's tomorrow afternoon (Thursday). I called at least 20 Cingular shops today and this is the only one where you will be able to find some 650's...
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    The unlocked on the third week of March? You mean like 7-8 weeks? Did you mean the third week of February?
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    The guy working at the PalmOne store in Valley fair told me the unlocked Treo 650 (GSM) will be available 3rd week of March...
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    3rd week of March :-(

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