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    For some reason today on my Treo 600, I can receive calls, but people on the other end can't hear's as if the phone is muted and I can't talk. Anybody experience anything similar?

    Not quite sure how to remedy this. I have tried a soft reset, with no results. No changes have been made to the phone lately. I received a call this morning with no problems, and this afternoon, things seemed to take a turn.
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    see if it works with the headset. I had a similar problem and the phone only worked with the headset, I had to get the treo unit replaced.
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    Sure enough, plugging in the headset works....does this mean the mic is blown or something?

    What is my recourse here? How do I go about getting the unit replaced/fixed?
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    I'd run into the same thing and called Palm support about it. Since I hadn't bought mine via the PalmOne website, I was told to contact my carrier (T-Mobile). After talking with TMobile support, they sent me a replacement. When I was talking with support, they didn't seem surprised and didn't really do alot of troubleshooting, expecting it to need a replacement from the beginning.

    btw - the replacement they sent me, at the slightest bump, turns off wireless...annoying, but I may just stick it out with this one and upgrade sooner than later
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    it is a known issue.
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    Gentai, did you purchase your 600 through T-Mobile?

    I received mine as a gift, and am not sure where it was purchased....I don't think it was purchased through the carrier though. Should I still call T-Mobile?
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    No, I'd bought mine on Ebay (it was originally an ATT phone). I think I'd mentioned this to the service rep on the phone just to make sure everything was on the "up and up" so I wouldn't run into any troubles should they have noticed it was an ATT phone when I sent it in. She didn't comment on it, though, and still had me send my phone in.

    Oops, forgot to answer your question...but yeah, I'd give Tmobile a call and see if they can help you out, it never hurts to try!
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    Called T-Mobile, but since mine was bought on eBay as well, and not through them, they would not send a replacement.

    Called PalmOne (53 times because I could never get someone on the phone) and finally got someone and they are sending me a replacement....I tried finagling for a replacement with a Treo 650, but the later had no "option on her computer" to do that. She seemed like she was almost willing though! Never hurts to try!

    Now I can sell a Brand New Treo 600 and apply that to my 650 purchase
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    Gratz! I actually took the advice of some of the ppl on this board and got a new sim card for my phone and it took care of the issue I was having with the replacement (wireless turning off at the slightest bump) so I may do the same and put whatever money I get off selling it towards a 650, too.

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