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    I reported on version 1 of "e2sync" here at TreoCentral while at Macworld but I see now that they have released version 1.1. e2sync 1.1 now also supports Entourage X, which is good if you don't want to fork over another $200 or whatever M$ is charging for the upgrade to Microsoft Office 2004.

    This is that true iSync conduit that gives you true syncing of your Entourage Contacts, Tasks and Calendar items to cell phones and PDAs as well as multiple Macs, iPods, iCal, AddressBook and .Mac accounts.
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    e2sync v 1.2.6 is now out and it supports the syncing of recurring events

    Watch this looping video to see how it works by clicking here.
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    Are you using the newest e2sync version? Would'nt the entourage conduit alone be enough if you mainly sync'd the those items. How are you using place of conjunction with any programs...?

    How do you like it?

    Thanks ahead of time.....

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