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    I got second replacement Treo from T-Mobile. One that 5 way nagivator was loose. They found out that my old Treo warrany was exipred. I called T-Mobile. They told me that it exipred on Oct 18, 2004. But I order it last Feb 2004. I got Treo on first week of March 2004 from Handspring Upgrade Program.

    T-Mobile charge me $70 on next bill. I have to pay for it.

    Anyone experment that one before?
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    I had the same thing happen to me through Sprint. They said that there was only a 6 month warranty on my replacement handset. I told them, "It was your decision to give me a refurb, so I did not willingly agree to forfeit my 1 year warranty for the original phone."

    Fight the issue, because they use these tactics to recover money that they aren't entitled to. I had very similar issues with a T-Mobile Sidekick, as I was an early adopter of that particular device.
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    You should fight it. Ask to speak to a supervisor. If you bought the original phone with a 1 year warranty you should be covered.
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    Agreed. I have never had any trouble getting either of my Treo's replaced within the origional 1 year period. Tell them its not good enough and they can do better. Maybe the person you have on the phone got 'lost'.

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    Finally, T-Mobile gave me $70 credit. I not have to pay for it.

    Thank for help
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    When you receive a replacement from Sprint. It works like this. If you purchase a handset with a one year warranty, and needs to be replaced. IF YOU RECEIVE A REFURB it has a six month warranty. However, if you original warranty extends longer than the new six month warranty, You will be entitled to the original. IF YOU RECEIVE A NEW UNIT, then the one year warranty is renewed effective today.
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    How do you know if it is refurbed or new?

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