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    StickyBrain 3.2 actually came out last week but I thought I would post here about it now since I see that no one else has.

    This version lets you sync your Mac notes and journals and web clippings and pasteboard items and... all that kind of stuff. The cool part is that you can sync your desktop to another desktop or to a .Mac account or to an iPod or now (with version3.2) even your Treo, or any Palm handheld.

    This thing is even better than MacJournal in useability - of course, with all the sync possibilities but also in its use of Services and contextual menu functionality, its super-fast searching, tabbed note viewing, alarms and the linking to and Address Book.

    Check it out at Chronos.
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    v 3.3.1 is out and gives you 3 ways to make a note of anything from any Mac OS X application. Then you can sync it to your Treo (or any Palm device), .Mac, iPod, or other desktop machine.

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