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    Quote Originally Posted by jmill72x
    Where? I haven't seen it for less than $90 yet, including on eBay.
    WWR. Send an email here:
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    Quote Originally Posted by satyric
    Do you have any problems with WiFi causing interference? That's my biggest concern given my home network.
    None yet, but I'll give it a shot around the house and post back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by awesterink
    Pairing issues solved. My problem was indeed a procedural issue. Or user error if you will...(ashamed). If I delete the AX from the trusted devices list, and then add it back via the handsfree setup, all is well.

    Would I recommend it...certainly over the Jabra 250, as it has not nearly as much static. I'd be interested in trying the HBH-660 though, for two reasons:
    - Apparently the HBH-660 connects VERY fast, while the AX takes a second or two AFTER the call is connected before it switches over to the headset.
    - The volume on the AX is fine, but the sound is a bit "tinny muffled". I suspect that the on-the-ear type headsets have better sound, though perhaps less volume and more interference from ambient sounds.

    The AX is definitely small, it does not give me that "borg" feeling. It is also quite comfortable, although neither of the supplied earpieces is a perfect fit for my ear.

    So far so good. I may try the HBH-660 though, with ear-gel. I thought I'd give the Scala 500 a try as well, but if I read the reviews correctly the Scala may connect to the T650 slightly slower than the AX...which would make it too slow for me.
    It looks like I'm down to the AX and the HBH-660 then. If you get a 660, post your comments as soon as you can! Thanks for the assessment.
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    I now use the HBH660 after selling my Scala 500. With a Jabra eargel on it, it not only looks cool with no ear hook but is also very clear compared to the scala. The caller ID is a cute gimmick that is sometimes useful. Just for sound quality alone, the 660 is the way to go.
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    Yeah I'm still intrigued by that HBH-660....what kind of charging options does it have? Is there a way to charge it via a USB cable, or does it always need a separate AC adapter?
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