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    Does anybody have or know where to find public domain Peanut books? I'd really like to get some on my Visor, but peanutpress doesn't have that many free books on their site. Thanks for any help!
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    You won't find many public domain books for PeanutReader. PeanutPress used to provide a utility and some rough directions for generating ebooks for their reader, but I can no longer find the utility or the directions on their web site. Your best bet is to get a DOC reader, and have at the extensive collection of public domain ebooks maintained at

    For a DOC reader, I can recommend iSilo. Besides being a a very good reader, it comes with a utility that can convert web based material to its own file format. The iSilo file format maintains hyperlinks, most font characteristics and even pictures from a web site. Because most word processors now support HTML, this is also a good way to carry along these files as well (for viewing only).
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    Der Senfmeister,
    You might also check out mobibook from . Mobibook is a reader that supports most formats, but also lets you create documents from text files or html files (using mobibook publisher). Both programs are free along with mobipocket web com, which is an Avantgo type news service that lets you download news channels (mobipocket web is a little slow downloading the channels from the web).
    PS To use the mobibook program, it along with the associated document files must be loaded on the Visor. The program won't work off the 8mb flash module, or read a document stored on the 8mb flash module. You can store them on the flash module, but must install them to the internal memory to use.
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    Originally posted by yucca:
    For a DOC reader, I can recommend iSilo.
    Agreed, iSilo is a great program. However, if you're going to be reading public domain books, why not use a doc reader that is free, as well (in both the 'free of charge' and 'freedom') sense of the word.

    I highly recommend CSpotRun. It's under the GPL, so you have ultimate freedom to do as you want with it.

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    Also check out They have both free and buy books. Not too much in the realm of entertainment, but some interesting titles in any case.

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