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    neat idea, i think i could use it...and it's free until May 1st...then it'll cost 50 dollars....but don't download anything yet..

    i didn't read on and downloaded the file and PDF manual only to find out (further down the screen) that the current version is not compatable with the Visor.

    Oh well. Thought i'd share. It might work with the Visor someday!
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    If you're just looking for a sketchpad without the sync to PC feature, I highly recommend Diddle. It's released under the GPL, so, like all GPLd software, it's free to use, modify, and redistribute as you see fit.

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    Diddle really isn't comparable to the product Hoser was talking about. Enotate lets you do REAL TIME anotation of PC documents such as MS Word or even in a PowerPoint presentation.
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    Did you try it on the Visor anyway?

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    Originally posted by Maltair:
    Did you try it on the Visor anyway?
    Yup! Tried it with both USB and serial... doesn't work. Their site did say they would be supporting the Visor soon, though.

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    Enotate is amazing tool! I can see a lot of practical uses for it. I hope they release a version for the visor very soon.

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