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    The Only thing you need is NEWSGROUP or IRC access to get EVERY Software for FREE!
    I have a lot to say but I dont want to get banned...AGAIN!!
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    Do you really need to encourage that crap? The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

    Remember: "Anyone that thinks the Treo should just work right out of the box, shouldn't own a Treo..."
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    Quote Originally Posted by gfunkmagic
    I haven't yet bought any accessories for my 650 either! But, here's what I think are some bare bones essential accoessories (hardware and software) that I would definitely recommend:

    SD card- get the biggest/fastest you can afford
    BT headset - alot of people seem to like the Scala 500
    Regular headset - b/c you cannot listen to music via BT headset! The Seidio 2-in-1 is nice btw
    Cases - lots of opitons

    Also a second battery is an option but I'm personally waitng on the extended battery...

    Uninstall Manager from Northglide - this is a must to keep to your Treo clean!
    Mem Manager - absolutely necessary for the 650. Lots of options like PowerRun, Zlauncher etc
    Ptunes - definite upgrade for Treo. Much better than Real

    Then there are gazillions of Treo specific tools like Butler, keycaps etc... But you'll need to install these as you go along and get more proficient on with your Treo...
    It's great to see you around, gfunk. Can someone please provide links to some of these items so I may start purchasing now? It may be less severe on my psyche if I order accessories here and there as opposed to seeing one big total Thanks again.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Insertion
    Do you really need to encourage that crap?
    So where would law-abiding people get the software that one would REALLY need??
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    Quote Originally Posted by MacUser
    So where would law-abiding people get the software that one would REALLY need??
    One place is
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    Here's what I've picked-up so far while I'm waiting for my unlocked:

    PalmOne Stylus Pens, Spare Battery and BT250 Jabra headset
    Boxwave VersaCharger and retractable 2.5mm headphones
    Seidio Retractable USB Sync&Charge
    SlicSound ear pieces
    Radioshack 2.5mm->3.5mm adapter

    I think the Jabra is the least Buck Rodgers-looking of the BT headsets. I hear it sucks, but it's form factor is the only one I'll consider, so its either that or raise the phone to my ear like a caveman. I got it for free, so whatever.

    I can't recommend the Versacharger enough. It's a combo car/wall charger that works with usb cables.

    The adapter is the reverse of the standard adapter, so I can use these headphones elsewhere.

    Now I just need to find one of those 2GB SD cards.
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    Quote Originally Posted by b0tes
    lockline will not insure any device that is a smartphone or pdaphone. so far, your best bet is to pay for the treo with a creditcard such as amex and use that insurance on your treo.
    I just had my treo 600 replaced a few months ago by lockline. I called to make sure they will insure the 650 and they do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by swingline
    Now I just need to find one of those 2GB SD cards.
    J&R has the 2g ultra 2 for $200.

    Te >T3 > T3 > Zod2 > Z72 > waiting for t650
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    After losing my free access to SplashID with the transfer to the 650 I needed another secure program to put my Credit card numbers in.

    For screenshot, etc...

    This free program allows you to input up to 5 Credit cards. After that it's not free anymore:
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Quote Originally Posted by naked
    J&R has the 2g ultra 2 for $200.

    Yes, J&R has the 2GB SD available -- for preorder.
    SANDISK Secure Digital Ultra II 2GB Memory Card
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    I use passwords plus from dataviz to store my sensitive information.

    I like BeyondContacts for keeping my Outlook information on the 650. It covers all of Outlook's fields and not just the few fields allowed in the standard applications.

    BackupBuddy is essential IMHO.

    For a headset I have the Cardo Scala 500. It works well for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clevewaterman
    Yes, J&R has the 2GB SD available -- for preorder.
    SANDISK Secure Digital Ultra II 2GB Memory Card
    What's available now?
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    is program like 'powerrun' a must have
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    For those of you who bought the backup battery, what are you using to charge it? Do you have to take the battery out each time? I am waiting for the cradle for the sole purpose of charging a spare while the phone is in use. It would be cool if Palm or a third party came out with a spare battery charge that can be used in the car as well as at home or the office.
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