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    Due to a co worker stating that my visor canít do what the pocket pc can. Iím trying to find palm software that is the equivalent to the software of the pocket pc, which includes: money-excel-word-doc reader-internet explorer-media player-outlook(pop mail)-aol mail. Shareware or freeware would be better. the price of adding the software can not go over $200.00
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    Documents to Go is software that allows you to view/edit Word and Excell files on your Palm. I think it's $49 though.
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    I thought that Documents to Go only works as a file viewer. Can you confirm that it also allows you to edit the files?
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    There are at least three Palm apps that allow you to view and edit Excel spreadsheets: MiniCalc, TinySheet and the seeming market leader - Quicksheet.

    For Word, things are more problematic. Because no Palm OS DOC editor knows anything about formatting, you must save your Word files in as plain text (.txt), and use any number of free text to DOC file converters. You then reverse this process to get the document back into Word.

    This is the area that the Palm OS development community most needs to address, and not coincidentally this is where the PocketPC is the most compelling for most knowledge workers. It should be possible to design a conduit that would insert your edits back into a Word file in the default font (and give you the option of using revision marks with the inserted text). This way you wouldn't need to fix the whole full fledged word processing on Palm issue, but do what should be easier and quicker.
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    For Word, programs like PalmDocs plug directly into the program and include a toolbar button for file conversion. Works fine.

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    PalmDocs is shareware, $20 - - and it too strips out the formatting from the Word file.

    The reason why I recommend making the switch in Word (from .doc to .txt), is that it is far easier to fix any weirdness due to the loss of many of Word's features at this point on your PC or Mac. It also gives you both a .doc and a raw text file that you can use for comparison with the edited DOC file (when it is returned to the PC or Mac). This also allows you to more easilty generate revision marks, and restore any formatting when the file is returned to Word.
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    I'm curious. Is the translation of Word on the desktop PC and Pocket PC all that seamless and perfect? Do you retain all formatting, indentations, bold, italic, fonts, fontsize, etc. going back and forth?
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    Ooops. Sorry about the reply that I am now editing . . . didn't notice that you were asking about the Pocket PC. I'm sure foo will chime in . . .

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    Try RichReader!(
    It's a great word and html _viewer_, supports formatting (like italic, font size, bold...)

    For the other topics:
    Browse the net: Proxiweb
    Email: lot of programs, eg. PaPiMail
    Money: AllMoney
    MediaPlayer: forget it!


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    Part of the expence of a PocketPC is "cool" hardware to do media stuff. Why don't you take the difference between what he spent and you spent (on hardware) and "buy" something with it?
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    for browsers you have Avantgo and Proxiweb both are free from

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