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    As a possible future 650 owner I was listening to a certain radio show this morning and the host talked of his hopefull aquisition of a 650 when asked by a caller. The caller went onto state how wonderful the 650 is except for the problem that if in a restaurant or other public place the Bluetooth allows other Bluetooth users to browse and download your pics,emails, addresses etc without you realizing. How true is this?

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    Not very. There are some protections.

    The first precaution would be to set your device not to be "Discoverable." Once you pair initially with your computer, headset, and whatever else, there's really no need to have your treo in discoverable mode. If you do, just turn it on and turn it back off.

    If that wasn't enough, you could always just turn bluetooth off when you're not using it. It's easy enough to do so.

    But the main thing is, there's not really anything running on your treo that provides access to your pictures, e-mails, or addresses. There's just no software that does that. So I doubt you've anything to worry about, regardless of what Howard Stern says.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thornrag
    ...regardless of what Howard Stern says.

    Thank You.
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