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    Does anyone know if the Cingular 650 has been updated to work in the BMW and be able to transfer the phonbook. The Sprint Version does not work so I was wondering if this one will.... If so I will change from Sprint to Cingular.... unless of course Palm can make both phones work.

    Gary R
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    What problems are you having with the Sprint one? It has problems, but pretty much works fine if you know what not to do, at least it's working for me in my 04 545. Specifically, you need to download the "bluetooth car kit patch" from PalmOne's site, and there is a limit to the number of speed dial numbers you can have in your Favorites (the phonebook). I had problems when I had 50 numbers in there, but it works fine with 4. I know of one person who had 10.

    - Dave
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    In order to get the (Sprint only?) 650 to work with the BMW bluetooth, you also need to turn the "Allow wakeup" option on from the Bluetooth application menu.
    That's what they're saying over at, anyway.

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