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    I was wondering if I can use the hotsunc conduit for the T5 with my Treo 650. The reason being, I wanted to make sure my Note Pad files will sync (the prc that was taken from the T5 and installed on the Treo 650). Also, can I use the same computer to hotsync with both devices? I will be trying it tonight but wanted to see if anyone had tried it yet. The cables are interchangeable but the cradle for the T5 will not work for the Treo 650.

    BTW, carrying a $1000 worth of P1 devices is a little scary (got the T5 from my work, in case anyone was wondering why I had two devices).
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    you can sync both, you have to use different sync ids
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    So should I use the T5 disc or the Treo 650 disc for the hotsync conduit? Reason tells me the T5 so I can sync Note Pad. Is there a big difference between the two discs?
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    I would use the Treo's
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    just make sure to follow the installation instruction for the 650
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    Hi. Would you be willing to post the Note Pad files from your T5? (They should be version 2.3).

    As you may have already discoverd Note Pad version 2.3 (found on the Tungsten T5) works on the Treo 650 (Other versions of Note Pad do work on the Treo BUT they do NOT support the 5-way Pad). Unfortunately, no one has been able to post the files.

    You will need FileZ to locate:

    Note Pad.prc
    Note Pad_enUS.prc

    I (and I am sure others) would really really appretiate it! Thanks!
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    I just posted notepad (from the T5 v.2.3) along with it i posted the files necessary to allow you to beam notes from notepad. there is limited 5way support.

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    Yeah! I found another thread with the files! Well, Note Pad from the T5 works better than previous versions, but I cannot seem to be able to scroll using the 5-way Pad. Does anyone know how to get the "blue highlight" over to it?

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