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    OK, I downloaded Diddle and am trying to figure out its uses. How can you transfer these drawings to your PC for further use? What do others use this program for?
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    i actually use it to take freehand notes -w/o grafitti, when i don't have the time for recognition errors. then i transfer the info by hand into wahtever program later. the drawings are ephemeral i fear, i.e.: i don't think there's anyway to back them up or sync them to the pc. much like diddle's predecessor, the etch-a-sketch (my favorite childhood toy, by the way, and something at which i still excel.

    i like bananas.
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    Doesn't using diddle cause scratches to the visor screen (viewing area)???
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    I use writerights to protect my screen.
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    i *think* the drawings are backed up when you sync.

    If not, you could use BackUpAll (freeware) to back them up.

    I don't think you can just export the file to the PC. You could get a screen shot utility, then transfer that i suppose...

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