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    I may have asked this before but I don't remember any answer. I don't really need all those Treo sent messages sitting in RAM. My idea is to send it over to my card, and let it sit there under a different name, then delete the existing Treo Sent messages (either by deleting the whole file, or to be safe pending your response, just deleting the messages in the existing file) and let it start anew. That way I'll have an archive I can always view by renaming it and archiving the existing one, and switching back after using it for whatever I want. Is there any reason why this would corrupt anything?
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    No, that would work. But why not just upload to your server?

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    Hmmm. You crafty devil you. I do upload all my sent mail to my server. I thought TreoSent had some advantage over that--I remember reading something about it being more reliable...or something. If there is no difference there is no sense in having TreoSent, but if there is, I'd rather not have 500kb hanging around my RAM if I can have it stay in my SD card. Is neither of us making sense, one of us, or both of us?
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    I'd bet on neither of us, purely based on experience.

    Saving something on the server is ALWAYS safer. The only reason TreoSent exists is 1) for convenience and 2) in case there's a server issue preventing uploading. I regularly empty my TreoSent, especially if they are emails to you.

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    Yes, that's why I save them.
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    Hey Marc,

    Please review for me how I can upload my Treo Sent file to my server...I assume I can just have Treo Sent messages upload to my Sent folder, which will keep copies on my server, but how to direct the Treo Sent folder to upload is what I'm not getting.

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    I think what Marc was implying was that if you have all your messages sent to your "sent" IMAP folder when you send them (it's an option in the setup boxes) then it is on your server already. Is that what you want? Otherwise of course each time you hot sync your trosent is on your computer if that's what you meant instead.
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    Is there a way to automatically delete items out of the TreoSent folder that are more than XX days old?
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    I'm almost positive there is no such option. the idea is that you just deoete some or all of them from time to time. I just copy it to card from time to time and delete all and start over.
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    There's no way to automatically do it. But "Delete Old Unlocked" will delete them all back by X days, where X is the setting in Preferences (the default is 7).

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    Cool tip.... thanks!
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    I just want to upload them to my IMAP sent folder, then they can just stay on the server for who knows how many years.

    Which setup box do I do this in?
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    I never know how to describe these things well, but if you press menu and it goes up to the upper left "Box" and "Edit Mailbox," go into "Edit Mailbox." That puts you into "Define." You don't especially want to be there. Go to "Other." At the next to the bottom line you will see "Upload sent items to..." Check that off, and then I think it will give you your folder structure. Make sure you choose whatever your IMAP sent folder is. Mine, and I think most, is "INBOX.sent" OK that and you're on your way!
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    ...but from which mailbox screen do I do this?.. I tried from Treo Sent, but it doesn't give you those options.... from Inbox?
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    Yup, from Inbox. Think of it this way - whenever you send email out from any of your accounts, a copy of it automatically gets put into TreoSent. In addition, if you want to upload a copy of that message to your server, just follow the steps mdavis outlined above. Note, though, that the setting will only apply to the account you're editing ("Inbox" in the example). If you have multiple acccounts and want this to happen in each of them, you have to repeat the above steps for each of them. It sounds like you only have one account (called Inbox), though.

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