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    Hey all,

    The Bluespoon AX is back in stock on Nextlink's website. The price is $74 if you want to jump on one.

    By the way, Nextlink donated the first Bluespoon 5G to UNICEF for auction on eBay. The proceeds of the auction went to tsunami victims, and the headset pulled in a whopping $1925 from a US customer.
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    I have the AX, but can't make it work with the T650 in a satisfactory manner. Am trying to determine if the problem is with this particular HS, with my T650, or if these two are just no good match. I can pair the two just fine and make the AX a trusted device on my T650. The Handsfree setup wizard on the T650 makes me do the pair-routine again (with providing the key). After that it works...until I either power toggle the phone or the HS. After that, when placing a call I can see the BT icon flicker a bit...but no connection is made. I have to re-run the Handsfree setup to make it work again. Clearly, this is no good.

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